Welcome to MorningLight

MorningLight Education Group is a well established education center for the students in San Jose school district. The program incorporates a variety of courses and special classes, particularly in the field of Chinese language and culture.


Our integrated courses, which include both American and Chinese features, provide students with a different perspective and unique experience, which will help expand their creativity and potential abilities in our unique bicultural environment.

Morning Light Education Group provides four services for the after school students: homework tutoring, Mandarin and Chinese culture, extracurricular courses and contest prep.

In addition to monitoring students' usual school homework, MorningLight provides additional tutoring and help in subjects of math and English with extra worksheets. We also provide Chinese lessons in both speaking and writing to our unique students. Students have the option of signing up for our enriching extracurricular courses where they can develop new interests or pursue a hobby.In addition to the weekday program, MorningLight Education Group provides an extension weekend program to meet the rigorous academic needs of today's students. This program allows students who cannot attend our weekday sessions to still enjoy the benefits of MorningLight Education Group. The weekend programs offer lessons in Mandarin, Art/painting, writing/public speaking and debate, AMC8/10, AP/SAT Prep.

MorningLight has exceptional teachers, who are not only specialized but also enthusiastic in their jobs. In order to meet different needs, MorningLight cooperate with high qualified centers for some national sized summer programs.

MorningLight is a dedicated group that caters to the needs of the students as well as ofthe parents. We believe that the maintenance of an open course of communication between teachers, students, and parents is very beneficial to the academic life of the students.